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Roll the dice and try to make the best combinations to maximize your score. You can re-roll any number of dice twice in each turn and then decide which configuration to score with those 5 values. Remember you can't score the same configuration more than once in each game.

Klondike solitaire

Classic solitaire game: try to reorder all the cards of the 4 seeds and put them in the four stacks on the top, divided by seed and ordered by value, from aces to kings. You can move the cards and attach them to the 7 lists on the bottom.

Master Mind

One of the classic logic games, try to guess the exact sequence of colored spheres. Each turn you can try a sequence and get some hints, if you can find the solution in less than ten turns you win.

Memory solitaire

Simple memory game: find the couples of cards with the same image. Every time you find two cards with the same value or picture, thosa cards are put aside. Try to find all the couples in less moves as possible.


Fill the grid with the right digits. Each row, column and 3x3 sub-grid can contain each digit only once.

Mines seeker

Try to clear the whole field avoiding the mines. Click to clear a cell and see if it's a mine or a safe spot. Numbers on the cells tell how many mines are close.